Create your Identity Atlas & Build your Purpose-Driven Masterplan

The life-purpose program which helps passionate people map out their true values, gifts & talents in order to get a clear picture of what they want to achieve and how to get there, fulfilling their highest dreams of leading a meaningful life.

Who Am I?

In my early 50s I had a massive identity crisis. People around me were shocked, because everything looked fine from the outside: I had raised 2 lovely kids, found my passion for coaching, and was often described as “the strongest person I know” by my surroundings. But I did not recognise myself. I was so used to shapeshifting to keep everyone else happy that I did not know what I wanted or needed for myself anymore.

To reconnect to who I was and what I truly wanted, I started going to shamanic retreats, explore ancient models of the world, meditate, paint, learn, write, dance, embraced feminine energy, and decided to tackle what I had been subconsciously avoiding at all cost: taking ownership of my saboteurs, my emotions and my life’s outcome at the deepest possible level.

It was time to take action, and I made some of the hardest decisions of my life: I left my husband after 28 years, broke off a lovely business partnership which I had become too dependent upon, and faced my father candidly. For the first time in my life, I truly stood on my own two feet, and while it was frightening, it was also exhilarating.

Everything that had been holding me back my whole adult life had come to the surface, lying there in front of me. Hiding behind blame wasn’t an option anymore, but with the sense of exposure, came a sense of relief. I was not the victim of my past, my environment or my emotions. I was now free to choose the life I wanted to live, and knew that my life would be more meaningful by helping younger women discover their dream, embrace their gift and start sharing their powerful talents with the world in all serenity.

Nicole Wittauer is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Science. She is a trained facilitator in the Lego Serious Play methodology, certified in team coaching, solution-focused coaching, and change management.

About My Program


Who Is It For?

Helping purpose-driven men and women who have doubts about their life choices and are feeling like they’re living someone else’s life, not truly belonging in their work environment.

By working with Nicole they will get out of living in the shadow of their current roles, gain clarity and direction for how they want to be seen, heard and recognised by reconnecting to a profound dream or desire that matters most to them.

They will walk away with an Identity Atlas highlighting their lost and hidden resources, a Passion Map of what they want to achieve and a Purpose Plan of how to start moving in the right direction in order to fulfill their dream and live a life aligned with their purpose.


Who Is It Not For?

This program is not for people who aren’t ready to take ownership of their emotions, the impact of their life’s experience and their current situation. It’s not for people who feel like victims of their demise, blaming others or circumstances for their shortcomings. It’s also not for people who are closed-minded, unwilling to explore new avenues, possibilities or belief systems for inspiration.

Module One

Mindspace for Clarity


  • Calm & clear your mind to focus & think efficiently.
  • Discover harmful Identity patterns in order to remove them.
  • Understand the connection between your emotional state & ability to see what’s possible, in order to broaden your vision & embrace opportunities when they arise.
  • See yourself through the eyes of nature to reconnect to a deeper sense of intuition.
  • Connect to the state of flow to move forward with ease.


Emotional reset to clear the agitation & overwhelm accumulated over a lifetime.

Connecting to our deepest desires can seem impossible when our mind is overwhelmed, frustrated and impatient. In this module we explore a new mind space, new energies and new tools to clear the way for trust, insights, creativity and ideas to flow.

Module Two

Clearing Self-Sabotage


  • Create an awareness map of your generational baggage to remove negative, subconscious elements & enhance positive ones.
  • Map out a process of how to transform negative experiences into positive ones to heal, grow & gain awareness around your resources.
  • Discover tools to create conscious emotional shifts for better clarity & control.
  • Gain awareness around the words you use & create a personal list of revised, positively charged words to remove negative self-talk.
  • Create your own tools for letting go in order to clear negative and self-destructive energy.


Clearing grounds to avoid falling back into destructive patterns. 

We cannot change what we do not know. In order to remove our inner saboteurs, in this module, we call them out, see them for what they are, and transform the impact they have on us from a negative, debilitating form, to a positive and empowering energy source.

Module Three

Recreating the Connection That Was Lost


  • Rediscover your inner child to channel its courage, determination & fearlessness.
  • Feel connected to your resources & strengths in order to use them to their full potential.
  • Create a map of your deepest values, interests & passions from a new perspective to fully tap into all of your capabilities.
  • Build a strong connection to your body to deepen intuition & truly sense your conviction.
  • Map your tapped and untapped energy sources to increase energy intake & delivery.


See your gifts and talents for what they truly are.

As humans we tend to forget the array of things we’ve achieved and the challenges we have overcome, focusing mainly on our shortfalls. In this module we reconnect with a multitude of values and resources we never truly acknowledge, and bring them forward to help us in our quest.

Module Four

Laying a New Foundation


  • Create an atlas of “you”, to become the conscious master of your identity in alignment.
  • Understand your drivers & triggers to gain emotional freedom & stay in flow.
  • Hone in on the things that give you meaning to stay focused & away from distractions.
  • Collect a toolbox of powerful processes to find creative solutions to what may seem to be insurmountable problems.
  • Discover how you can use your hands to help your brain think with clarity, accessing a world of subconscious knowledge.


Lay a new foundation to build a healthy, stable, purpose-driven future. 

A healthy foundation is built on self-awareness and constructive tools. In this module we go beyond trying to “fix” things by dissecting the problem, we explore personal solutions-finding techniques which will take you straight to the place where your solutions exist.

Module Five

Shining Your Light: From Purpose to Action


  • Discover a toolbox of powerful decision-making tools to make decisions that feel truly right to you.
  • Deepen your conviction of what you truly want to stop holding yourself back from taking action.
  • Create a practical guide to “letting go” ceremonies & practices to avoid hanging on to destructive thought patterns & behaviours.
  • Define your best stepping stones to set you up for taking action.
  • Learn to speak your truth from a place of alignment so you can be truly seen & heard.


Create your toolbox to speak your truth with conviction.

All the thinking in the world is useless if we’re not lead to making decisions or taking action. While the idea of crunch time can be intimidating, it can also be a moment of great relief. In this module we experiment with decision-making tools that tune in with our core, allowing us to feel deeply convinced by the choices we make, and taking the first steps towards shining our light.

Module Six

Spiritual Realignment to Your Purpose


  • Discover what it means for you to be spiritually aligned and how to make use of this energy to stay true to yourself.
  • Explore ancient & modern models of the world for inspiration, to help you stay aligned when doubts creep in.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of where, why & how your purpose manifests itself in order to feel truly connected to it & avoid falling back into old, destructive thought patterns.
  • Define your own model of the world and the tribe that makes you feel like you belong to feel supported & strong going forward.
  • Heighten your curiosity & connection to the power of play to accelerate your growth & courage to explore opportunities without fear.


Deepen your alignment to your purpose and sense of direction, to remove doubt and stay on track.

What does it mean to be aligned and where does inspiration come from? In this module we open ourselves up to seeing and exploring both the inside and outside world for things that make our senses come truly alive and stay on track.

Module Seven

Creating Your Masterplan


  • Create your personal, step-by-step action plan to live a more meaningful life, aligned with your purpose.
  • Collate your toolbox of concepts & processes, new habits & routines to set yourself up for success.
  • Finalise your personal Atlas of deep self-awareness, powerful resources & your own model of the world to guide you on your path & keep you away from potential pitfalls.
  • Define a clear commitment & accountability strategy for yourself to stay fully motivated & engaged.
  • Take the first steps towards the place where your wildest dreams await.


Create a clear roadmap to where you want to go and how to get there.

In this last module we bring all the elements together to create a personalised atlas of your inner world, your newfound resources and a model of the world that brings out the best in you. You will have an array of concepts and tools to lean on for guidance, and your step-by step action plan, which will allow you to feel more connected to yourself, your purpose and others, bringing a deeper sense of fulfillment into your life.

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