Nicole Wittauer

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to help clients create a Masterplan to make their life more meaningful, fulfilling and purpose-driven. I do this by going through a playful and creative process which connects them to their purpose, raises their awareness around their identity and self-sabotage, gives them an array of self-help tools, and introduces them to concepts they can build a strong, confident foundation on to follow their dream.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to look at your current situation, pinpoint the main elements that are getting in the way of you fully living your purpose, and discuss what you’re dreaming to achieve. If we determine that working with Nicole is your best next step to removing the obstacles that are getting in your way, drawing out your Masterplan and achieving your goals, we’ll talk about how that will work. If the conversation reveals that it’s not a good fit, we will still discuss a few pointers that could help you find the resources you need.

3. Who is Nicole Wittauer?

My childhood was, what I would consider for many years, a very ordinary one. Then again, I had nothing to compare it to. I only knew that I had no horror stories of abuse or abandonment, so I considered myself lucky.

I followed the path of least resistance, the one my parents convinced me was the best for me: finish school, go to University and study something that would ensure job security. Even if my heart was drawn to art and psychology, my faint and failed attempts to follow either one of those paths left me doubting my capacity to follow through.

So I became an IT specialist instead, and somehow found my place in that for a while.

Then I became a wife, and then a mother, and by the age of 33, I had given up my job, my home, and my family and friends to uproot and move to another country to support my husband’s career advancement.

My life, my purpose, had become one of sacrifice. I felt lost, insignificant, weak and ashamed. My identity went from being a successful project manger in a male-dominant environment, to being a home-maker. It was not something I managed to embrace with pride. I dreamt of a more meaningful life… but had no clue what that looked like. I had no income of my own to invest in myself, and my kids needed to be my priority. So, while I painted a bit and started some small, insignificant projects, I spent the next decade in limbo… hiding away behind the best excuses not to take my life into my own hands and actually start following my own dreams… the ones that I never managed to define in the first place.

Finally, at the age of 43 I decided to take a small, part-time job. Even though the job itself was far from fulfilling, the challenges it brought my way were my wake-up call to reconnect to something bigger. A bigger journey, a bigger calling, a bigger impact.

I started seeing challenges as opportunities to improve myself, to discover new ways, to find solutions. I took the pain of feeling undermined, and used it as fuel to take action. I started connecting to my purpose not by seeking passion, but through need. It wasn’t so much about following a dream as it was about finding meaning through contribution, not sacrifice.

So I left my part-time, low-level admin job, pursued certifications in Solution-Focused Coaching, Team Facilitation and Change Management. 6 months later I went back to offer the CEO of my previous employer my consultancy services. She accepted.

But my journey of pursuit wasn’t over.

I thought I had found my calling, and coached individuals and teams as much as I could. For a while, it was exhilarating and very satisfying. But there were deep roadblocks still at work, stopping me from excelling and having the impact that I longed for.

My focus on other people’s challenges was a welcome distraction from my own… or shall I say an excuse not to face my shortfalls, patterns and self-sabotage at work. Everyone I was coaching was making leaps and bounds forward, being brave, speaking their truth, taking action, while I was stuck in an unhappy marriage and my business wasn’t financially sustainable. The techniques I used to empower others worked for everyone but me, and it became very clear to me that as long as I couldn’t put my own tactics into action for myself, I would feel more and more like a fraud.

So at 53, a combination of random events, encounters and opportunities opened a new chapter for me: one where I faced my shadow. It was time to remove guilt, shame, judgement and pride, and embrace some help from others. Oddly, it was the most destabilising and yet empowering time of my life. I explored ancient models of the world, spirituality, quantum physics, but most of all I explored the events in my life that I had used to shape my identity. I realised that my childhood wasn’t as eventless and innocent as I had thought, and that we all have traumas to embrace and transform if we don’t want them to define us.

Connections were starting to form in my head. Not only were the causes and effects in my life becoming clearer, a much bigger picture was starting to take shape. What followed was a series of maps, illustrating concepts, connections, tools, inspirations and insights. Like a path to the discovery of the pure self with the help of universal truths and concepts.

Through this work of exploration, I found a deeper connection to my values, truths, identity, purpose and passion, and for the first time, I spoke my truth from a deep place of wisdom, trusting that if I did what was fundamentally right for me, it would be fundamentally right for everyone around me.

It gave me the courage to leave my husband after 25 years of marriage, break off a business partnership which I had invested all my money and emotions into, and trust in myself for the first time in my life.

Every step of this journey has been useful. Every challenge was an opportunity to grow, but it took me many years to understand the process and figure out how to do my work. My purpose now is to help others understand their path and learn how to process it in order to connect to an aligned state of purpose much faster than I did, so that they can start sharing their greatest gift with the world.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Helene Romy

HR Lead

“Dynamic and excellent coaching skills! Nicole helped us discover the amazing resources that were hidden right under our nose.”

Morgan Matthews

Entrepreneur & Coach

“Nicole is an excellent practitioner of the solution approach. Her approach is extremely effective, practical and enjoyable.”

Tanya Strevens

Sustainability Manager

“Nicole brings a refreshing sense of fun and humor to her activities, which energizes the group, awakens imaginations and gets the conversations flowing!”

Diego Ruiz

Global Director

“Highly valuable for our organization. Provoked fast and concrete results. People obtained a better sense of clarity, positivity, a good feeling of control and increased level of confidence.”

Nadine McCormick

Business and biodiversity

“By the end I had elaborated my own personal “tool kit”… something I am still using successfully every day!”

Paul Grigoriev

Programme Coordinator

“Very highly developed analytical skills and a fantastic non-judgmental listener, Nicole asks the questions that are often the key to really understanding the roadblocks to moving ahead.”

Claire Warmenbol

Communications and Knowledge Coordinator

“I’ve come out of Nicole’s coaching sessions with a clear mind and set of actions on how to overcome my obstacles, with the added benefit of a great sense of relief!”

Maria Hasler

Programme Finance Officer

“Very much focused on my needs. Nicole is a very good listener and takes the time she needs to make sure that steps towards progress are made.”

Barbara Lax

Founder of Little Green House

“She helps structure thoughts and ideas, and identify priorities and waste,
even in the most confusing moments of life.”

Chrissy Matthey


“Nicole sait s’adapter aux situations, mettre les personnes à l’aise et faire des propositions sur mesure, ce qui est un atout précieux.”

Liz Umlas


“One of the most creative and resourceful thinkers that I know, she skillfully steers her clients toward finding their own solutions.”

Maria Pulido-Svensson

Business Processes & Project Management

“She’s a great listener, easy to connect with and has a profound interest in people and how to make life simple and fun. She provided me with critical “a-ha” moments and a basket of tools to help me get “unstuck” and realize my goals.”

Linda Hendriksen

Senior Administrative Specialist

“Her invitations for reflection, positive communication, meaningful dialogues, easy going atmosphere got me unstuck so simply and easily.”

Paddy Ney

TV Host

“From the minute Nicole hosted her first discovery call with us, we felt that she truly understood our needs. She had a box of cheeky tricks and a wealth of experience to call upon.”

Sam Cook

Serial Entrepreneur

“If it were not for Nicole’s coaching, I would not have asked the hard questions I needed to transform what was essentially a broken business model.”